The capital of Wakaido, backed against the Wattaka Mountains, this city is the heart of Draconian culture. Temples, Tea Gardens, Rice Fields, Pagodas, Monasteries, waterfalls, scenic bridges, and the Pillars of Creation.

Very often misty or foggy, it rains about half the time in a gentle drizzle, and occasionally storms.
It is not hot and muggy, but cool and moist in the city (due to the elevation and winds)
You can hear flute music drifting down from some of the dwellings up in the Pillars of Creation, and the occasional strange sounding bird, and the murmur of the streams flowing through the city – other than that it is very quiet and peaceful, almost sad.
You can smell the leaves, cherry blossoms and fresh water flowing down from the mountains, you also smell the spicy scents of a Draconian cooking their traditional spicy food.

City Descriptors:
Ancient stone architecture lies untouched in ruins from the eons past Dragon Wars, some parts inhabited, but most now deserted.
The Draconians now live up in dwellings carved into the great Pillars themselves.
The buildings that are not carved into the stone are built primarily of wood, or a paper thin material that seems to be used as walls or dividers between spaces.
The rooves are often tile, or sometimes wooden.
You can see plenty of smaller buildings on the ground near the bases of the Pillars and working their way up the mountain slopes. Some buildings are strange bridge-like structures stretching across a stream, or hanging between Pillars, but they are not common.
There are lone Draconian warriors (the Cho-Kal) standing guard over their traditional grounds, or keeping watch from atop a spire or a balcony from one of the Pillars.

Murder is illegal – punishment is chosen according to the amount the perpetrator has dishonored themselves. If the dishonor is great often the criminal may go seek to fight Rathor himself and never return.
Stealing is illegal – punishment is imprisonment for several days, if significant it is a public dishonoring of the thief, usually done as stripping their rank, connection with family and perhaps occupation.

Magic is legal, however certain types are illegal within the city, and others are not recommended unless you would like to speak with one of the Cho-Kal.
It is illegal to:
- Use charming magic
- Use magic to control others
It is highly recommended not to:
- Use destructive magic
Unless you are in danger for your life, or have somehow obtained permission from the Cho-Kal.

Further Details:
The text seems to have washed clean by some liquid…


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