A city of small Gnome houses built in all manner of complexity along the edge of the Ten Thousand Foot Cliff, with one of the most stunning views in all of Arcryllia, islands floating on clouds, the occasional airship anchored in view, jungle and palm trees framing it all, and the Solus Ocean stretching on for seemingly forever.

You hear birds chirping in the trees, and strange jungle noises. Clanking coming from a nearby airship as they work to improve upon its design, and a solid breeze blowing through the trees.
You can also hear the roaring of waterfalls pouring off the edge of the 10,000 foot cliffs and causing a ton of mist and clouds to rise up (depending on your location).
You feel damp in the humidity, as well as a strange lightheadedness (if not a gnome or an elf).
You smell sweet fruits hanging from the trees nearby, the dark roasting smell of gnomes preparing Khav (coffee), and occasionally a light salty tang from the ocean.
The temperature is rather cool here due to the wind, but gets plenty of sunlight and if it ever gets calm, can get quite warm.
It is often breezy here, and can catch the edge of a bad storm.

City Descriptors:
A city built into its surroundings, Vyllen can sometimes blend into the jungle it is a part of, but if you look just right you will see that there is in fact more city than jungle.
Most of the buildings are very open concept, with a back wall, and likely some side walls, and a roof slapped on top.
The city is built of mainly wood, finely crafted and stained.
The houses often have things tied together with ropes, whether that is an entire floor of a building swinging in the breeze, or perhaps a separate deck or balcony hanging from the ceiling.
The buildings often have pieces of metal as reinforcements, or decorative items.
When elevation changes in a part of the city there are not usually stairs, but instead strange contraptions to get someone from point A to point B.
Docks that extend far out into the open air miles above the Solus Ocean.
Interconnected bridges and ropes attaching to the nearby floating islands.
Hammocks everywhere.
Rope bridges, swings, and platforms galore.

Murdering is illegal – You are sentenced to the 10,000 foot drop – you may build whatever you can with the materials you have in 24 hours to save yourself from the drop, but if you do survive you may never return to all of Kamtara. (friends may supply more materials, but they are often shunned afterwards)
Stealing is discouraged, but borrowing is a very common occurrence ;)
Magic is not often used here, but when it is it is commonly used to augment physical creations.

Further Details:
The Riders of the Winds are based here in Vyllen.
- The most airships you have ever seen at once! (maybe three or four depending on their schedules)
There are some sort of ride-able flying creatures that some Gnomes own.
Rainy days here are very beautiful, sitting under a balcony, or roof as the rain pours down and makes the best music of all, clouds drifting past the floating islands, and thunder rumbling in the distance.


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