The Great Ones, and Their Domains

Rathor – Fire – Strength — Domain: War

Rathor is primarily the Great Warleader of the Orcs, and Goblins, and is pictured as an Orc, though some others do worship him such as the Norgvar Barbarians (who worship him for warmth), and some Dwarves who have come too close to the molten stone in the depths of the world (see the Molten Dwarves) (also the Purifying Flame, who believe that through the worship or Rathor he can be purified and fight off the Darkness that is trying to consume him. They also believe that as long as they are worshipping him he can hear them and grant them blessings from his non corrupted side).
Rathor is commonly attributed as the summoner of anger and violence (and sometimes willpower), and is believed to be the source of fire, both magical and mundane.

Solestus – Water – Wisdom — Domain: Tempest

Solestus is a very mysterious being who is commonly worshipped by Halflings, some Humans, some Draconians, the occasional Gnome, a couple Barbarians and most of the sailors and fishermen (water) of Arcryllia. She is often portrayed as a Halfling.
Solestus is usually attributed as the wielder of calamity, but also peace (often of duality and difficult choices), and she is believed to be the source and caretaker of water, both magical and mundane.

Umavil – Earth – Constitution — Domain: Life

Umavil, the Father of all Dwarves, the ageless god of time is mostly worshipped by Dwarves, but also the occasional Human and Draconian, and some Halflings, many monks, several paladins, quite a few barbarians, and every once and a while a Gnome. He is always pictured as a Dwarf.
He is often attributed to be the owner of time, of patience, meditation, and surprisingly music. He is sought out for blessings of endurance, and steadfastness (“he who holds Umavil’s blessing can withstand an avalanche” ~Ancient Dwarven Proverb). Umavil is often believed to be the source and protector of stone, both magical and mundane.

Wyndar – Air – Dexterity — Domain: Trickery

Wyndar is believed to be the most amicable of the Great Ones, frequently appearing to his followers, and occasionally wandering the country of Kamtara. Wyndar is most often portrayed as a Gnome, but sometimes other races believe that he appears as their race. He is the trickster god, who loves a good joke and keeps his wit sharp. Before Rathor smashed into Arcryllia Wyndar was often seen working with the Gnomes of Kamtara to help them progress and keep up their spirits. Wyndar, entertainingly enough, is one of the only beings who is worshiped by all types of beings due to his popularity (the Elves are known to be mostly non-religious, but the occasional Elf secretly worships Wyndar because they adore his levity and spirit).
He is known as the provider of humor, and energy, as well as transportation and speed, Wyndar is believed to be the source of all the wind in Arcryllia, both magical and mundane (but often gets great gales of laughter when someone prays for him to let loose his winds)

Azena – Nature – Charisma — Domain: Nature

Azena, the Kind One, she was known as the deity of the Elves (see Elves for their take on this) and generosity. She is often portrayed as either an Elf, or a beautiful Human woman. She is worshipped by almost any race that is not evil, but primarily Humans, Halflings, a Gnome or two, and some Draconians – very few Dwarves ever worship her. Her story goes that she was the god of the Elves, but seeing that the Elves did not accept her as a god and that Humanity had somehow missed being assigned a god she adopted them and blessed them with her kindness.
She is attributed to be the creator of love, wisdom, and serving others, she is believed to be the source of plant and animal life, both magical and mundane.

Celio – Ice – Intelligence — Domain: Knowledge

Celio is believed to be a great female Ice dragon who in her wisdom and knowledge brought forth the Draconians in an attempt to create a race who could spread more easily and build using technology. She is believed to be either dead or sleeping in recovery after battling singlehandedly against Rathor who was corrupted and augmented with the power of Darkness. Therefore very few beings worship her, the Draconians still claim to, but few do anymore these days, as well as some of the nicer barbarians from Norgvar, and some odd Humans (merchants who travel from the Dustlands to Norgvar, monks who believe that they must worship her to bring back a balance between the six gods, as well as some Wizards and mages who believe that she has untapped power and knowledge that they can gain).
Attributed to be the god of knowledge, technology, and the Dreamworld, she was often seen as the god of calmness, and serenity she is believed to be the source and observer of Ice and snow, both magical and mundane.

The Light – Order — Domain: Light
see Followers of the Path, and Dominion of The Light.

the Darkness – Chaos — Domain: Death

Followers of Darkness believe that the Darkness is simply a power source that can give them the extra energies to do what the Light cannot. Only truly evil people are drawn to follow The Darkness, and so normal people are often superstitious of the Darkness.

The Great Ones, and Their Domains

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