Liqueurs, Herbs, and Other Drinks

Stratding Vintage – red wine: dry and spicy (Made in Lordsvale)

Hillstead Red – red wine: full and smooth (made in Mournstead)

Ironspine Red – red wine: spicy and sharp (made in Tarenfield)

Dawnfront White – white wine: fruity and light (made in Dawnfront)

Panor White – white wine: dry and sharp (made in Panna)

Hanar White – white wine: sweet and slick (made in Lawcrag Region, Grimdale)

Firestone Mead – Mead: warming and sweet, hints of honey (made in Hofgaroar)

Lightheart Mead – Mead: sweet and light, refreshing (made in Aysgarth)

Blackstone Ale – Ale: harsh and bitter, quite powerful (made in Blackridge)

Arcton Ale – Ale: golden and sharp (made in Arcton)

Great Rock Ale – Ale: dark, bubbly and rich (made in Stillrock)

Dwarven Ale
○ Miner’s Mirth – dark and bubbly, very fast acting (made in Dwondir)
○ Crystalline Quart – vibrant and sweet tones, almost clear (made in Dwondir)
○ Echoing Ale – rich and extra flavorful (made in Dwondir)

Marshwater Vodka – powerful and potent, highly distilled (made in Rattukawa)

Thunderfalls Vodka – powerful and sharp, pounds at you with the force of the
Thunderfalls (made in Thunder Canyon)

Darkwave Rum – Dark Rum: dark and smooth (made in Oar’s Rest)

Stormlight Rum – Light Rum: light and bouncy (made in Storm’s Point)

Stardrop – fruit liquor: a magical silver drink that tastes like sweet cranberries and mint
(made in Silha Alari)

Khav – Coffee: rich and chocolaty flavors (Made in Voxward)

Sai – Tea: many different varieties, (they are all tea) fruit Sai, green Sai, and mud Sai
(tastes like chai) (Made in Tekligano)

Widefrond Leaf
○ Broudfield Variety: they both taste the same except to a connoisseur
○ Hillstead Variety: they both taste the same except to a connoisseur

Longstem Leaf – fruitier taste (grown in Dawnfront)

Caydirn Leaf – spicier and sharp (grown in the Caydirn Province, Rusty Gulch)

Void Powder – a strange dark powder harvested off of full grown Shadar through mysterious means. This substance makes the user feel like they are having the time of their life – they forget most of the details about their own life and travel through a dream of magical-seeming colors, sights, and sounds. This high lasts for about 3 hours, but leaves them aching and extremely tired afterward, longing for more. During the time that they are using the Void Powder they have a very blank or “void” expression on their face and cannot interact with the world around them. (Harvested in Unknown).

Liqueurs, Herbs, and Other Drinks

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