Raven Empire

Established in Unknown, first signs of settlement found in 5256.

Capital: Lost City of Catalina


Official Language: Draconic

Trade has not been established successfully as of this time.

There is not really a country known as Zacatha, but when one wants to refer to all of the desert tribes at once Zacatha is the most used term.

From Sunrise to Sunset
A massive harsh desert that spans from the Dustworn Range in the north to the Zacathan Range in the south, from the Daln River in the West to the Solus Ocean on the East.

The Lost City
Rumored to be the location of the Lost City of Catalina, as well as where the Desert Tribes make their home. Stories tell of great Sandworms swallowing entire caravans whole, and massive sandstorms blasting the skin off of any living creature’s bones. Supposedly there is a single oasis known as the Great Oasis hidden in the northwestern part of the desert that is the only reprieve from the heat of the sand and sun.

The Tribes
The Desert Tribes are people living in the Zacathan Desert.
- Made up of Humans, Draconians, and captured prisoners.

They are rumored to be always at war with each other, and often with everyone else as well.
They are found near the mountain ranges, and sources of water, and near the Eastern Coast.

Several tribes hunt and/or ride the great sandworms when they surface.

Main weapons are spears, and short bows, sometimes shields.


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