Established in 4127, and reestablished in 4529 after the Dragon Wars.

Capital: Wandaiga


Official Language: Draconian

Common coins include the Golden Flame (or a Flame, or a Gold for short = 1gp), the Silver Scale (or a Scale, or a Silver = 1sp), and a Blade (a Blade, or a Copper =1cp)

Waterfalls in Wandaiga, rice fields in the lower regions, very beautiful, sharp, yet functional architecture.
See Draconians for a deeper look into their culture.

Notable Cities:

Notable Towns:

Terrain and Landscape
The Pillars of Creation – great stone spires reaching for the clouds, often shrouded in mist, and covered in trees.
Mud flats near the western shore (Tekligano is the town that is built on those mudflats)

Animals and Exports
A common pet in Wakaido is the Driftjelly, a related creature to the Netch, but without the spines, and a lot softer and gentler. They can often be seen floating about their master, or being blown about by children. Some use them as a light source, as they glow softly in the dark, and others export them to other lands for that same use. They have become quite popular in coastal towns because they still glow during storms where a torch could be blown out.

Sai is the word for tea, and is grown in Wakaido, in the highlands near Wandaiga.

The Dragon Wars
The Dragon Wars (4526-4529) where a time when Wakaido was at its highest point as the Draconian nation, they had built Wandaiga into a great stone city, raised dragons to live in its halls and sought to finally capture Dragon Isle because they believed that it was their homeland.
Huma, the famed Dragon Knight managed to singlehandedly push back the army that the Draconians had created, including the dragons that they had raised.
How he did it no one knows, but some believe that he also had the Sword of Light to aid him.
After Huma disappeared the Humans of Dragon Isle left Wakaido a place of melancholy sadness compared to their past strength.

Shortly after the loss of the Draconians in the Dragon Wars some mage found reliably, if still dangerously, a way to harvest Void Powder from summoned Shadar. This discovery was found in Wakaido, and since many Draconians have fallen into addiction to Void Powder, leaving their once mighty country decaying.

Not Only Dragons…
The Shou (Human) moved into Wakaido after the Dragon Wars due to their love for the Pillars of Creation and the recent discovery of Sai. Due to their addition to Wakaido Common is now reasonably accepted in many parts of the country, and Humans are no longer shunned nearly as much, since the Shou have gained much honor in adapting to the Draconian ways.

Strategists and Fighters
The Cho-Kal were warriors that originally came from Wandaiga and were great heroes in the Dragon Wars.
Many of the greatest strategists of the age have come from Wakaido.

Cultural Food
Dragonfire Curry. That’s really all that needs to be said, if you have tasted it and survived then you are indeed quite the spice connoisseur. Likely the spiciest food on the face of all of Arcryllia, Dragonfire Curry is a rich orange curry with bits of meat (I assure you, I’ve been told that they are chicken) laid across a bed of steamed rice. The real trick however seems to be eating it with the strange Wakaido utensils known as Chopsticks. For every bite you manage to get to your mouth, at least ten others have already fallen to your plate, meanwhile the Draconian across from you has yet to falter, carrying on a full conversation, drinking Sai, and never losing eye contact with you…!


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