Established in 4958 reportedly during the Great Calamity

Capital: Kakre


Official Language(s): Orcish, Goblin

Common currency includes coins and gems of all countries past and present, with many Orcs trading with skulls as a form of greater payment.

The country of Orcs, Goblins and all manner of nasty creatures.

Notable Cities:


Notable Towns:

Ugnogh Graz

Arn Mador



Khag Grahl


The Bonespire

The Shademire
Swamp just past Garadan to the north – just inside Urkagh – very treacherous.

Wildlife and What Else to Avoid
Legends tell of giant terrifying birds that attack travelers, rushing rivers full of sharp rocks and whirlpools, and blasted Ashstorms that can keep a traveler pinned down, or worse make him terribly sick.

A Terrible Past
Urkagh is a lang full of burnt and smashed scenery. What was once a beautiful, if smelly, swamp, was crushed during the Great Cataclysm, and shattered, throwing bits of the country for miles around. The current day status of the country is a giant crater larger than some mountains sitting in the center of Urkagh. The land is scorched black, and covered in strange scorcery. The various creatures of Urkagh have rebuilt some of their ancient homes, and others have created new settlements.


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