Torohne is on Shiba Lake, in the Dustlands

Torohne City Map

It is sunny and hot here often, but occasionally a duststorm, or a heavy thunderstorm.
You feel dry, and dusty.
You smell the dust that has gotten all over your clothes, into your bags and gear, and into your nose.
You hear the loud hawking of goods and people trying to trade, and occasionally a loud entertainer’s group performing.

City Descriptors:
Very large port city on Shiba Lake
The city itself is rather dirty compared to cities and towns in the Raven Empire, but for a city in the Dustlands it doesn’t look too bad.
Cobble streets for main streets, and hardpacked red dirt for the rest.
Red/brown roof tiles, often covered in a thick layer of dust.
Tightly packed buildings mean that the roofs are the perfect highway for getaways.
Even the green spaces and parks of this city have a layer of dust that gets blown in fresh every once and awhile
The temples that can be found here are swept meticulously clean everyday, except for Umavil’s temple

The use of magic is strictly prohibited unless you have a license (which goes towards the nobles who rule over the city)

Murder is illegal
Stealing is illegal

If you use magic minor (or steal) you get thrown in prison
If you use magic major (or murder) you get a wanted poster and have to leave Torohne
Eventually Bounty hunters

The real seat of power is in Lordsvale, across the lake where on banquet nights you can see the lights of the festivities all the way from the docks of Torohne.

Further Details:
Gnome Quarter
Essentially a massive run down section of city, where foreigners of all kinds live, but a large percentage of Gnomes

Nobles Quarter
Many rich and opulent buildings are found here, temples, libraries, government buildings, parks, and Arlington Keep
Many everyday people live in this quarter
The Entertainer’s Hall is also located in this quarter.

Copperport District
The port is in this district, along with many different shops and markets

Pop 26,000

Notable People:
Gilbert Nine-Lives
Lord Arlington Hawkson
Lord Andreas Stratsen
Lord Kestire Ter


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