Thieves Cant

The Thieves Cant is a highly specialized code for putting messages in seemingly plain speech. Also included in the Thieves Cant is a select group of symbols that mean certain things, unnoticeable by the regular person.

32px-SR-icon-shadowmark-Guild.png Guild: Denoting the building or person nearby is part of the Guild.

32px-SR-icon-shadowmark-Safe.png Safe: Denoting the area is safe for the Guild.

32px-SR-icon-shadowmark-Danger.png Danger: Denoting someone nearby or inside does not take kindly to the Guild.

32px-SR-icon-shadowmark-Escape.png Escape: Denoting that following this mark leads to escape (usually from a jail cell).

32px-SR-icon-shadowmark-Protected.png Protected: Denoting the area or people are under Guild protection.

32px-SR-icon-shadowmark-Fence.png Fence: Denoting there lies a fence inside.

32px-SR-icon-shadowmark-Cache.png Cache: Denoting a Thieves Cache

32px-SR-icon-shadowmark-Loot.png Loot: Denoting valuables or riches lie inside or nearby.

32px-SR-icon-shadowmark-Empty.png Empty: Denoting there is nothing of value inside and has already been looked over.

Thieves Cant

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