The Worldcave

The Worldcave

Established in 3859 reportedly by Umavil himself.

Capital: Dwondir

The Worldcave

Official Language: Dwarvish

Gold, jewels, and other precious items.

The massive Dwarven city of Dwondir lies within the Retor Peaks. It is a giant cavern (known as the World Cave) with a city cleverly suspended by pillars, walkways and platforms, lit by all manner of glowing crystal and the occasional enchantment and sunlight pouring down through crevasses in the ceiling.
Beneath the city is a great lake, where the Dwarves fish, and grow some crops on the banks.

Notable Cities:

Notable Towns:

Staring into the Depths
Huge pillars line the massive cavern, reaching up out of the lake that makes the Worldcave’s floor. On these pillars are towns, and villages, but the largest, and the first that any visitor sees is Dwondir. Sunlight pouring through giant crevasses in the ceiling, shining down on the cities, reflecting on the surface of the Underlake itself. Massive statues cover the walls, and carved scenes in giant alcoves.

Dangerous Abound
Rumours of Goblin infestations in the abandoned Lower Halls come from the Dwarven traders who make their way from the Worldcave’s great mouth. Reportedly the Goblins have swarmed into the Lower Halls in the recent decline of Dwarven population.

Secretive and Closed Off
Little is known about the mysterious Worldcave of the Dwarves as most outsiders are allowed no further in than Dwondir…

The Worldcave

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