The Wizard's Tower

Located on the Northern shore of Imak Lake, within the province of Estea in the Raven Empire.

The Wizard’s Tower is a massive tower of ancient origin, constructed through almost entirely magical means.

The only scholarly institution of any real name on the entirety of Arcryllia
This is where many Wizards are trained, as well as a place of learning that is mostly open and free for other magic users. The Wizard’s Tower is open to all, on paper, but to be honest it is rather tough to gain entry unless you are a Wizard, or a potential student.

A Wizard who has graduated from the tower is no small help in Arcryllia, as they have access to immense knowledge, and many magical artifacts.

Wizards have access to the Wayrings that are connected to the hub at the Tower, and can come and go as they please (once they reach a certain rank).

Each school of Magic has a floor in this tower (Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Transmutation, and even Necromancy [dungeon/basement]) where students can be taught and can live comfortably.

a. Necromancy
b. Endless Hall of Nustral
c. Dungeons

1. Abjuration
2. Conjuration
3. Divination
4. Enchantment
5. Evocation
6. Illusion
7. Transmutation
8. The Archive

Once a Wizard has graduated from the Tower, they are presented with a pair of Wizard’s Robes, either an arcane focus of their choice, or a components pouch, and the Spellbook that they have put together during their time at the Tower

The Wizard's Tower

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