The Raven Empire

Raven Empire

Established in 5023 after the collapse of the mythic Markavian Empire.

Capital: Azena

Raven Empire

Official Language: Common

Common coins include the Golden Raven (or a Raven, or a Gold for short = 1gp), the Silver Moon (or a Moon, or a Silver = 1sp), and a Shield (a Shield, or a Copper =1cp)

The Raven Empire is what remains of the supposed Markavian Empire (which theoretically encompassed the Raven Empire plus the Dustlands plus some of Wakaido) and is still one of the most powerful and by far the biggest countries on all of Arcryllia.

Notable Cities:
The capital city of the Empire is Azena, the other two main cities are Panna and Garadan.

Notable Towns:
Karri’s Stand
King’s Crossing
Storm’s Point

Other Locations:
The Wizard’s Tower

Government at its Finest
Azena is the seat of power for the Emperor or the Empress and is in power as an Autocracy (one hereditary ruler is in absolute power) but lately while the last Emperor has been dead for a few years, and the Princess was not yet old enough to step in to rule the Council of the Six Moons has been running things.

Being a Citizen or a Civilian of the Empire
- Can Vote
- Have the right to a hearing
- Visit temples of The Light for free
- Have easier access to government officials
- Often get cheaper deals for things like transportation, or are trusted in more things
– Simply get to live in the Raven Empire

Populated by beings of all kinds, The Raven Empire can be home to anyone who is willing to follow its laws. Damarans (Human) however are granted automatic Citizen status, whether they were born in the Empire or without.

Murder is illegal – punishment is Enlistment into the 1st Line – a division in Garadan that is often wiped out.
Stealing is illegal – punishment is imprisonment for several days, if significant the Thieves Mark, if not, a warning.
Slavery is illegal
Bounty Hunting is legal – but it is a grey area
If found stealing again the thief is used as part of the sewer cleaning crew and noted as a repeat offender.
If found stealing again after becoming a repeat offender enlistment into the 1st Line.
Magic is legal, however certain types are illegal within the city, and others are not recommended unless you would like to talk to an officer of the Legion of the Raven.
It is illegal to:
- Use necromancy anywhere but within the Wizard’s Tower and it’s grounds.
- Use charming magic
- Use magic to control others
- Use magic to impersonate a noble or someone of high standing
It is highly recommended not to:
- Use destructive magic
Unless you are in danger for your life, or are a street performer with a permit from the proper authorities (Legion of the Raven, or the Wizard’s Tower)

Cultural Food
How does one choose a single food to represent the entirety of an empire…? From the Roasted Vegetable dishes in the Stormveil Province to the Fresh Blackened Salmon in the coastal provinces of Stoneport and Flores, to the savory Mutton Chops in the Hearthdale Province, there is an abundance of good foods to choose from. The vote will have to go to the golden loaves made in both the Summerford Province and the Broudfield Province, since visitors have not yet stopped complimenting their crispy breads.

The Raven Empire

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