The Great Cataclysm

The Great Cataclysm occured in 5148, while no one knows exactly what happened there are several different theories, and no one can debate the results.

The typical belief that is taught by the priests says that the corrupt Fire ( Rathor) hurled himself to our world and left a mighty crater in the ground.

The impact of Rathor the fire god colliding with the planet caused:
- a great storm that washed across the whole world.
- darkness across most of Arcryllia for an entire year.

Long term effects:
- half of the Western Rise to collapse and become a highlands instead of mountains.
- some violent storms that roll occasionally across the northern part of the continent, causing destruction and making people run for cover.
- the blasted lands to spew out some pretty bad ash storms, they are mostly kept in Urkagh due to the Ironspine and Wattaka Mountains, but some ash storm occasionally sweeps around the Ironspine over the bay and onto the town of Swiftwatch.
- Many now believe that the gods were killed by a great fireball from the sky, some live in fear, where others rejoice.
- Some still believe what the priests teach (that the gods are holding back the Darkness who has corrupted and taken over Rathor).

The Great Cataclysm

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