The Dustlands

The Dustlands

Established in 5642 due to the Nobleman's Treatise

Capital: Torohne

The Dustlands

Official Language: Common Dialect - Low Common

Common currencies include any Raven Empire coinage, as well as their own currency of the Hat (equal to 1 gp), the Star (equal to 1 sp), and the Ruster (equal to 1 cp)

Not really a country, but a no mans land of city states (if that) where some of the more influential people of the Dustlands scrabble for power in various regions.

Notable Cities:

Notable Towns:
Eban’s Folly
Iron Gulf
Rusty Gulch
Thunder Canyon

Creatures of the Plains
Wild horses can be found in the Plains of Dust, and some who live in the Dustlands try to tame them for a living.

A common pet in the Dustlands is Giant Scorpions, some of the biggest come up to knee height, but many have their sharp bits trimmed off. They are generally not poisonous.

Men of Dust
The Illuskan Plainsmen (Human) herd their many animals through the Plains of Dust on a yearly cycle, they can be found among the many tents of their style.

The Tethyrians (Human) can be found more often than the plainsmen if one is looking in a settlement, often living in the larger towns.

A Harsh Land
Winter is the only season that keeps the dust down, even as short as the season is in the Dustlands, and during winter the Dustlands get covered in massive drifts of snow.

A Bounty Hunter Worth Naming
Rusham Kihro, known for bringing in bounties from even the roughest places, legend tells that Rusham has not yet failed a job that he has taken. Known by his signature broad-brimmed black hat and flowing belt Rusham uses the rare devices known as pistols and often leaves the location of a bounty’s capture in smoking ruins. Rumor has it that he was trained somewhere in Wakaido…

Cultural Food
Old Willie’s Gunpowder Goulash is recommended by denizens of the Dustlands as far as Iron Gulf to Grimdale, and not just cuz they owe Old Willie a favor! The Goulash is smoking hot (please excuse the pun!) and the flavors just seem to explode (pardon me again) from its mushy looking exterior. I’ve even heard it said that Old Willie puts real gunpowder in to the stew, but then again its hard to say with the glare that Old Willie gave after that.

The Dustlands

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