Storm's Point

A town that suffers through some of the worst storms in all of Arcryllia several times a year.

Original birthplace of Wymar Ironak.

The Statue of The Watcher
Located at the very tip of the peninsula (about 3 days of travel away, but still within sight) in the Stoneport Province is a massive statue that has stood there for thousands of years.

The statue is seemingly made out of a single block of Whitestone and appears to be a scholar with his robes whipping about in the wind, holding books in one arm and holding aloft a massive crystal orb in the other.
- The statue’s orb (known as the Stormlight Orb) glows fiercely during a storm, and will glow for a few weeks afterwards slowly fading away until it is dormant again.
Many sailors and captains use this orb as a warning to steer clear of the rocks and shore when they cannot see well during a storm.

Storm's Point

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