Storm Guide

The impact of Rathor the fire god colliding with the planet (also known as the Cataclysm) has set in motion some violent storms that roll occasionally across the northern part of the continent, causing destruction and making people run for cover.

Also from the blasted lands come some pretty bad ash storms, they are mostly kept in Urkagh due to the Ironspine and Wattaka Mountains, but some ash storm occasionally sweeps around the Ironspine over the bay and onto the town of Swiftwatch.

In the Dustlands there are, you guessed it, duststorms, mostly a visibility loss thing.

In the desert of Zacatha there are some pretty bad sand storms, finding cover is recommended.

And of course in Norgvar the frozen wasteland can have some pretty bad blizzards cover is recommended but they are survivable with the right gear, most of the time.

Airships must land before most storms to preserve their delicate components.

Storm Guide

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