Sanctuary Archipelago

Sanctuary Archipelago

Established in Unkown, likely near 5563

Capital: Thal Grik


Official Language: Common

Coinage from all lands are accepted here, as well as valuables of any kind, no matter the source.

The group of tropical islands to the northeast of Arcryllia.
Pirates abound in these waters, as well as traders of the more mundane types.

Notable Cities:
Thal Grik

Notable Towns:
Oar’s Rest
Tortoise Cove

The life of a sailor may be with its challenges, but when shore leave arrives, they are paid back for their hard work. The Sanctuary Archipelago is a bountiful string of islands, where the sand is white and the wind is soft.

What Lies Below
Some believe that what is on the surface is not as important as what is in the depths, and among those are some who believe the old tale of Solrani, the City Beneath the Waves. It is rumoured that the Halflings once lived in a grand sub-aqua city where Solestus blessed them with the riches of the waters. To this day no sailor in their right mind has yet reported visiting this sunken city, but still the rumours abound.

Rich Culture
Sanctuary is home to many different people of many different shapes and sizes, the Halflings call this island home, as well as the Rashemis (Human) and many other races. There is no official record of who came to the islands first, but to this day the argument carries on lightheartedly in all manner of taverns and pubs on the islands.

A major trading hub in its own right, Sanctuary is a place that people often run to after losing face elsewhere, or after narrowly escaping difficulties with the law. The people here are often mistrusted, and often with a good cause.

Cultural Food
If you want to prove to others that you are a savy adventurer while relaxing in the tavern, then the story you simply must tell is the time you had some of that Rainbowfruit Ceviche in Sanctuary! Imagine a fruit salad, made of the ripest, most colorful fruits that are simply bursting with flavor. Now imagine shrimp added to the mix, perfectly cooked, still tender, all to be eaten with these strange islander’s invention of “chips” a mash of corn that is flattened and then baked so that they become these delicious little crisps! You can practically feel the breeze coming off of the Solus Ocean now…!

Sanctuary Archipelago

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