Pastimes and Music

- Dice games
- Drinking contests!

- Painting has become a pastime that nobles now engage in, it is not for the lower classes.
- Bo’ Chee (lawn bowling) (considered to be a nobleman’s sport, the commoners could not afford a lawn to play it on)

Both Commoners & Nobles:
- Smoking Widefrond Leaf grown in Broudfield or Hillstead Provinces (each thinks theirs is better)
- Storytelling – an impromptu storytelling contest can happen at any time when on a trip.
- Dwarven sculpture carving (for those who can even compete!)
- Tinkering! (mostly Gnomes, or those who can tinker)

Attending ceremonies at a temple:
- People droning on about how their god’s element is the best and we need it to live.
- Coming of age ceremonies
- Marriages
- Festival/Important date ceremonies (see Calendar)
- Seeking blessings
- comedies/shows (only at Wyndar’s Temples)

In The Raven Empire:
- Chess among the nobility
- Sail racing (along the coasts of the Crystal Bay especially [you can watch from Azena observation towers on some days])

In Wakaido:
- Attempting to climb the Pillars of Creation
- Walking on stilts through a marsh
- Stones (Othello) among anyone militarily inclined, or strategic.
– Viewing or participating in Martial Arts Matches

In Kamtara:
- Cliff jumping (on the shorter cliffs, legends tell of those who survived jumping off of the 10,000 foot cliff)
- Riding flying creatures
- Creating a pair of wings and gliding (for as long as possible)
- Marbles, played for fun or for keeps (made from crystals, each worth 1gp minimum) (dirt circle, marbles placed on circle edge, knock opponents marbles out of the circle with your shooter, get marbles, leave shooter where it is, if enemy hits your shooter or vice versa they get all your marbles, or vice versa)

Music of all types:
- The Raven Empire – 5 stringed lute, fiddle, classic fantasy
Dragon Isle has very similar music.
- Dustlands – Harmonica, fiddle (Dustland Style)
- Aierith – Hang drum (Elven Songs)
- Wakaido – Flute (Draconian Flutes)
- Kamtara – Bells, wind instruments, wind chimes
- Desert Tribes – Drums (The Talking Drums)
- Norgvar – Drums, ice crystals
- Urkagh – Drums, horns
Sanctuary Archipelago – Pirate, sailing music

Pastimes and Music

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