Established in roughly 5247, after the Great Cataclysm.

Capital: Sel'Tarh


Official Language: Common Dialect - Barbaric (Var'gan)

Trade is the most common method of gaining items here in Norgvar, but in some places Dustlands coins are accepted.

It is believed by some (mostly Chondathans [human]) that when Celio the god of Ice wakes up the Frozen Wasteland will melt and become a beautiful land of plenty.

Notable Cities:

Notable Towns:
Garwich Fjord
Than Graw

The Frozen Wasteland
Necromancy is not illegal here, and as such one must be careful, whether they are wandering the great snowy plains, or exploring long forgotten crypts… Chondathans (humans, also known as Norgvar Barbarians) however call this home, and call Necromancy their way of saying farewell to the recently deceased.

The Land of the Stars
Norgvar is also known to some as the Land of the Stars, since for whatever reason, it is among the very best places in all of Arcryllia to view the night sky. The stars seem extra clear and crisp here, and on many nights the Auroras come out to shine in all their mysterious majesty.

The Gates of Thrangar
The large cleft in the mountains where the Zacathan Range meets up with the Retor Peaks.
It looks like a mighty axe cleaved into the mountain range to make an opening here for all to pass through.
This Pass is what allows travel into Norgvar in a quick and convenient way.
Without this pass people would have to either hike over some of the lower Zacathan mountains in the west, or travel all the way to the west side of Arcryllia to skirt around the Retor Peaks.

Cultural Foods
Venison and Deer Heart, nothing like a rather fresh deer heart lightly cooked on the outside served on a second layer of deer meat, steaming in the cold weather of Norgvar. Really, there is nothing like it. That being said, this is not a dish that is recommended to all, even if it is an honor to be served it, some stomachs are just not made for eating hearts. While technically a delicacy, those from more ‘civilized’ lands may want to pass.


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