Mythic History

The six Great Ones – Fire (Rathor), Water (Solestus), Earth (Umavil), Air (Wyndar), Nature (Azena), and Ice (Celio).

It is believed that together they created the world and their various elemental domains. They all basked in the Light, and the world was at peace.

Then Fire, in his desire to consume, discovered Darkness in the void beyond his plane of existence and was corrupted. The now corrupt Fire hurled himself to our world and left a mighty crater in the ground. This was known to many across Arcryllia as The Cataclysm

Ice sacrificed herself to keep Fire and the Darkness from spreading, while warning the other Elements. Ice quickly lost her power and either died or had to retreat to her domain to recover lest she be lost forever (the theories are unsure which), while the other Great Ones created a seal to hold back Fire and the Darkness within.

To this day many believe that they are using nearly all of their power to hold back the evil and that is why we must honor the Great Ones, even when their communication and interaction with us is rare.

Mythic History

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