Magic Users of Arcryllia

Magic is not all that common on the continent of Arcryllia, but some locations have more of an affinity for it than others.
The common folk are often superstitious of magic, and using it obviously in a rural village may result in you getting thrown out.

Magic is well known and used in Aierith, as the Elves have had access to it for millennia.

Magic is studied in the Wizard’s Tower in the province of Estea, within the Raven Empire also there is a representative on the council from the Wizard’s Tower who helps govern magic in Azena and the rest of the Empire, as well as at the enclave of Mageport on Dragon Isle.

Humankind has an average amount of magic, but in the Raven Empire those with magic often gather with those who also have magic, leaving empty spaces where magic is not seen regularly.
However in the Dustlands it is required that you have no magic abilities to become a noble, and thus magic users are spread more wildly, and are less often in civilization.

In Norgvar when one is found to have magical abilities they are often trained to become a shaman of the village or town, and are often given a home just out of the settlement.
The Halflings do not generally have much magic, but have a love for discovering it, and are intrigued rather than superstitious of it (mostly)

The Draconians occasionally have magic, but those who gain it, whether through birth, training, or other means are often sent away from settlements in order to protect themselves and others.

The Gnomes have very little magic, but they do have some rare technologies that integrate tech with magic (such as the airships – see Riders of the Winds)

The Dwarves have some magic, but it is often relegated to being not as important as physical strength. That being said – the Dwarves are often amazing healers since Life is Umavil’s domain (see The Great Ones, and Their Domains).
Also note that when a Dwarf comes to value magic too strongly, or comes into contact with Molten Stone in the depths of the planet they may become more interested in magic (see Molten Dwarves).

Those who can use magic in the Desert Tribes are fought over as commodities, as they can help provide water, as well as being an edge in battle between the tribes, however they are often targeted by the other tribes, because of this there are few of them.

Necromancy is commonly unacceptable, except in Urkagh, some parts of the Dustlands, and most locations in Norgvar.

Magic Users of Arcryllia

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