Magic and it's Forms

Magic itself seems to come from below the surface of the ground, and most scholars or mages believe in the classical Great Bowl (see Cosmology) theory where pure liquid magic is suspending the Physical Realm in a massive bowl.

A few highly criticized and often shunned scholars and mages theorize that the core of the planet itself is a roiling ball of molten stone, melted by the sheer power that is trapped within.

There are certain lines and zones in the world where magic is stronger or more wild, at these intersections there is often something of interest.

Magic itself is an energy that leaks out of the planet. It is typically thought of in 6 sub-energies: Fire, Water, Ice, Stone, Air, and Nature. To make a spell one brings together the right amounts of the sub-energies and combines them in a way that will create the desired effect.

Magic is controllable through many different ways.
- Wizards learn and study what words, motions or ingredients combine to be a catalyst for magic.
○ The proper words to differentiate the sub-energies
○ The proper ingredients to give certain attributes to the spell
○ The proper motions to give shape to and/or guide the spell
- Sorcerers somehow have magic flowing directly into them from the planet itself that they can naturally control.
○ Naturally understand how and what they need to make a spell function
- Warlocks form a pact or agreement with a powerful being or energy and gain the ability to use that higher being’s magic in turn.
○ Simply wills a spell to occur and the higher being makes it happen
- Druids learn magic by studying how nature interacts with magic and then learning to interact in similar ways.
○ Through study of nature a druid learns how to make a spell function
- Bards learn that certain tones, melodies and words can be combined to draw magic out to do their will.
○ The proper words for different sub-energies
○ The proper tones to give certain attributes to the spell
○ The proper melodies to give shape to and/or guide the spell
- Monks focus on perfecting their mind, body, and soul to bring out the magic within (it technically is magic that becomes a part of them at birth, due to living on this planet).
○ They will with their united body soul and mind for something to happen and allow the magic to flow into them, making it happen.
- Clerics and Paladins gain the ability to call on a Great One for magical support.
○ They attempt to communicate and the Great One of their choice takes care of the specifics
- Rangers, like Druids can learn some magic by learning from nature, but also by learning from others in the lands that they venture through.
○ Studying nature, other creatures, people, enemies they learn to copy what they have seen before
- Barbarians often learn magic as a ritual or method of doing something that has been passed down for years.
○ They learn from their ancestors the proper steps to take for the end result to happen, with little or no understanding of the steps.
- Rogues often learn as they go, magic almost simply working for them with little effort put in on their part.
They desire for something so bad that eventually it just happens (they subconsciously learn to do the required things for magic to occur)

Magic and it's Forms

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