The true seat of power (if there really is one) in the Dustlands

The Town Itself
Lordsvale is a strange town – quite small, barely a town actually, full of nobles, but still lots of people, because “everybody knows nobles cant take care of themselves!” ;) many manors and great houses, but also plenty of staff houses and hired work, also small villages clustered around to cater for all the things that noblemen need. Very clean, much of the dust that would blow in from the plains gets stopped by the forest to the north east or Shiba Lake.

- Massive vineyards to south.
- Surrounded by many small wooded vales
- Much wilderness and untouched lands nearby

The Great Con of Caldon Warhim
Caldon the Gnome secretly managed to blackmail at least half of the noble families in Lordsvale through the method of magically gaining evidence on them – then conned many of them into a protection scam that allowed him to get payed once for the blackmail, and then once again as a protector of their delicate information. Rumor has it that he needed a team to help him, not with the cons, but to somehow smuggle all the gold he was collecting out of Torohne in a secretive manner.
This famous con is the true reason that magic is banned in Torohne, not as is often told, for the safety of the nobles.
To this day no man has seen or heard of Caldon again, but stories are told that 10 years later a similar fate happened to a selection of the nobility in Panna…


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