Established in Unkown, likely near 5563

Capital: Vyllen


Official Language: Gnomish

The Imperial coinage is the most common currency in Kamtara, but occasionally other currencies are found here, brought back by Airship pilots.

Kamtara is the land of the Gnomes and other free-spirited beings. A small country that is booming with new technological advances all the time.

Notable Cities:

Notable Towns:
Beak Vale

The Fall of the Ancients
Kamtara was once a range of delicate hollow mountains near the Solus Ocean until Rathor hurled himself into the planet. This caused the Great Cataclysm, the ensuing shockwave destroyed many of the ancient mountains and began toppling the others into the ocean. Luckily Wyndar the god of the Air was watching over them and saved many of the mountains by holding them in the air above the ocean. To this day one can still visit them, but now as floating islands on a sea of clouds and mist.

In current day Kamtara rivers coming from the Western Rise, a mountain range just to the east of Kamtara, flow through the country to the cliff sides that border the west, northwest, and south sides of Kamtara, where they result in the most spectacular waterfalls in all of Arcryllia.

Exports and Animals
Khav is the equivalent of coffee in Arcryllia and is grown in Western Kamtara, north of Voxward.

The main source of Mag-Rocks (magnets) in Arcryllia.

A common pet in Kamtara is the flying squirrel, many Gnomes have one, and they can be seen zipping about from the rooftop of one house, to the deck of another.

Cultural Foods
Knak Sol – a classic Gnomish unpronounceable word which also happens to be the title for the Kamtaran noodle dish of storied flavor. This tasty dish has noodles (yes, the same slippery pieces of dough that are now becoming popular in the Eastern reaches of the Empire), covered in mouth-watering red herbs and vegetables, and coated in the interesting salty “Sol sauce”, bringing together a medley of different flavors in a slippery pile. Do not be confused, this dish is indeed a delicacy, as it was the first such noodle dish of its kind, and still has a certain uniqueness that Imperial cooks have not yet been able to replicate.


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