Halflings are the short people of the hills, they live mainly in the eastern provinces of the Raven Empire, and in the Sanctuary Archipelago, but live all over Arcryllia as well.

They are excellent farmers, spectacular fishermen and superb sailors.

Cultural foods are fantastic breads and desserts, Fish of many varieties are another common staple of Halfling cultural foods. Halflings also make very good beers and tasty wines.

Stout Halflings
Tougher than regular Halflings, the Stouts live mainly in the Broudfield Province of the Raven Empire, farming and cooking quietly in their homes in the hills. These Halflings are not common outside of their home province, but occasionally can be seen in strange places.

Lightfoot Halflings
Lightfoot Halflings are born near the sea, many calling the Sanctuary Archipeligo home, or living in the coastal towns and villages in the Hillstead Province of the Raven Empire. They are quite unnoticeable by many other races, even to the extent that they disappear behind other creatures backs before you can yell “Stop thief!” These Halflings often get a poor reputation as there are a few famous Halfling pirates, and more than a couple well known Halfling thieves, but very few Lightfoots ever stay in trouble for long with their smooth talking skills.

“by my aged mother’s gooseberry pie” – a classic Halfling pie swear.
“I will send you down to the depths to visit Solestus!” – a phrase that a Halfling pirate may speak.

Can live to about 100 years.


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