The Gnomes are a race of small tinkerers in Arcryllia, who love tricks almost as much as Wyndar their god does. They (along with Wyndar) are the creators of the Airship, and they hold that secret dearly within the Riders of the Winds.

After The Great Cataclysm in 5148 with half of the Western Rise collapsing and becoming a highlands instead of mountains many Gnomes are now afraid of living inside mountains, and thus almost all of their towns are above ground.

Gnomes are naturally friendly, highly social and fun loving people. They are respected by Elves for their communion with nature and knowledge of arcane magic, admired by Halflings for their humor, and sought out by Dwarves for their gemcutting skills.

Gnomes are the best by far at making objects with moving parts, whether that means a simple door, or a tiny mechanical bird. They are also quite good at creating weapons with moving parts (ie. Slings, flails etc.)

Cultural foods include nuts and nutty foods, eggs of all kinds, and noodle dishes. Gnomes make Khav as their drink of choice and it stimulates and revitalizes those who drink it.

Rock Gnomes
Natural inventors, and tougher than their rare cousins, Rock Gnomes are often very creative and love to tinker with mechanical, magical, or alchemical devices of all sorts. Rock Gnomes are known in most places on Arcryllia for their skills at fixing things, or working with intricate objects.

Highland Gnomes (replacment for Forest Gnomes)
Highland Gnomes are uncommon and secretive, gifted with natural illusion skills and a rare quickness, these Gnomes are often friends with Elves, good Fey, woodland creatures and all manner of small animals. Hard to find anywhere on Arcryllia but in Kamtara, the Highland Gnomes love the altitude and height of the great plateau, delighting in the unique forests of the land.

“by the Winds around us” – a Gnome swear – try Winds, Air, Wyndar’s Staff, or other such things. Or “by Khav Itself!” – for those Gnomes who like their coffee extra dark ;)


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