The largest military city in all of Arcryllia, Garadan is a border city defending the Raven Empire from the hordes of Urkagh creatures.

The city is often in the shadow of the nearby mountains (the Ironspine in the morning, and the Wattaka in the afternoon).
It is a cool temperature location and is on the Something River before it runs into and joins the Jade River.
It is often rainy and dark here with the occasional thunderstorm, and the rare ashstorm blowing in from Urkagh.
The banks of the river are quite muddy, and that mud is found all over the Darkhelm Valley.
You can hear the sound of banners and flags snapping in the brisk wind (depending on the time of year), soldiers training in the training yards, and officers shouting commands.
You can smell the mud from the surrounding land, and the smell of watchfires pervades the entire valley.
You feel damp perhaps, or maybe cold (depending on the time of year).

The city itself is strongly fortified and sits at the base of the Wattaka Mountains on a rise. There is a wall that extends from the cliffside of the mountains to the city, and around it.

The city itself is mostly human built, with some influence from the military forces from other races (ie. Dwarven buttresses on the sturdy walls, Gnome catapults, Draconian Arrow roof covers, Elven archery points and towers, Halfling water stations, etc.)

City Descriptors:
Dark red roof tiles, if any.
Stone construction of walls, keep, and many important buildings.
Very stark, square, not decorated much.
Banners of different divisions, and banners from different races embassies.
Many weapons storage buildings, barracks, and strategy rooms.
Well lit at night.

Murder is illegal – punishment is to be sent into Urkagh without anything but the clothes on your back and a single meal. Or if requested, considered to join the 1st Line.
Stealing is illegal – punishment is prison for several days, plus a Thief’s Mark (branded onto your hand)
If found stealing again the thief is enlisted into the 1st Line.
Magic is legal, however certain types are illegal within the city, and others are not recommended unless you would like to talk to an officer of the Legion of the Raven.
It is illegal to:
- Use necromancy
- Use charming magic
- Use magic to control others
- Use magic to become invisible
- Use magic to impersonate another
- Use magic to create illusions
- Use magic to shapeshift
It is highly recommended not to:
- Use destructive magic
Unless you are in danger for your life, or are a military unit with a permit from the proper authorities ( Legion of the Raven, or the Wizard’s Tower)
This is in order that the citizens of Garadan can be kept safe, and so that it can be known that there is no deception from and Urkagh spellcasters.

Further Details:
The Darkhelm Valley is patrolled by the Garadan forces, and there are watchtowers and outposts spread across the valley right to the base of the Ironspine Mountains.

Just in sight from the taller outposts and towers the Shademire can be seen inside the borders of Urkagh.


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