Followers of the Path

It is said that thousands of years ago an ancient warrior took up the Sword of Light and fought off the Darkness, sealing it back far into the void away from our world. When they were done on this mortal plane they replaced the Sword where it belonged and the legendary hero ascended to become a part of The Light, and so many strive to follow in those footsteps and join The Light.

Tenants are simple, and are said to be what the ancient warrior left as their parting words: “Do good, help others, bring Light”.

Visual representations of The Light are usually portrayed as the Legendary Hero – who is portrayed to be the figure of a man holding a beaming crystal sword aloft.

There are many small temples all across Arcryllia, but they are much less common than the Dominion of The Light, the group that splintered off of this original belief and has now grown to be hugely popular across the empire.

Followers of the Path

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