The Elves are mostly non-religious as they know the truth about the gods – they know that they were once mortal beings like the rest, but now they simply have more powers – but most honor Azena as their guardian and guide, some follow the Path , and some worship Wyndar in secret.
They still do respect Azena, performing traditional rites and ceremonies to at least honor that she is their guardian.

Elves have a tremendous lifespan, but do things slower, calmer and more patiently than other races.
Elves may be hundreds of years old, but that does not mean that they are “level a billion”, but instead that they may be excellently skilled at gardening, or painting a picture, or enjoying the sound of trees. They are superior in some ways, but in most ways it is very Elven specific and does not make much of a difference in other cultures.

Elves are much more complacent, hiding behind their Boundary, and very peaceloving, no rush – the ultimate chill race.

Elves make the best things out of wood, without moving parts. (ie. Staves, Bows, furniture, everyday items, and buildings)
They make very good magical things as well.

Often are vegetarian as they get older, but there is nothing that keeps them from eating meats. They have a wide variety of unique foods with juicy fruits and vegetables being something of note. The eating of giant bugs also occasionally occurs, but is much less common. Elves make some fantastic smooth wines, and sparkling fruit juices.

Moon Elves (replacement for Wood Elves)
The Wandering Elves, or as they are more commonly known, Moon Elves are much different than their classic siblings, they wander the world following the paths of the moons learning about the lands that they pass through and the cultures that they meet, but still with no driving desire to advance, and thus even after many years may not have very many “levels” in the typical sense.

High Elves
High Elves are often scorned by those who meet them due to the common belief that High Elves are named thus due to their haughtiness and the way they look down upon other races. The truth is, however, that their name originally came from the fact that they enjoyed living in the Great Trees, very high up. Not known for their travel, it is a very rare thing to see a High Elf in many places but large cities or in Aierith itself.

“by the flowers that grow upon a Great Tree” a traditional Elven swear poem – can be adjusted to anything flowery and way too long – eg. “like a orc who has bathed in a great pool of feces” or “as [fill in the blank] a giant mushroom on the back of a thousand-year-tortoise”

Elves do not die of old age, however they still die due to battle, or very dangerous sicknesses. Elves that grow to be older than 1000 years eventually wander off and disappear.


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