Locked into tradition and strict rules the Dwarves attempt to study the ancient ways of their forefathers and ancestors in order to learn the best ways to do things.

Instead of becoming a driving force in the world they are typically stuck in the past, or at best trying to keep the current like the ways that they used to be.

They are amazingly steadfast and durable, in many different meanings of the word (ie, hp, traditions, as a nation defending, not very mobile as a race, not much expansion, but plenty of time to work on their passions, etc.)

Dwarves make the best things out of metal without moving parts. (ie, metal weapons and armors)

Cultural food is mushrooms, as well as typical root vegetables – carrots, potatoes, turnips, etc. Dwarves also enjoy goats, lamb chops, and cows for good hearty meals. Dwarves make the best mead and ale.

Dwarves also are the best at stonecrafting, creating wonders out of great blocks of stone, however it may take 150 years and be their life’s work.

Mountain Dwarves
Strong and rugged, Mountain Dwarves are used to difficult life, often miners, warriors or a profession that requires strength, these Dwarves are often reputed to have disdain for those who have an easy life. Very few of these Dwarves live abroad out side of the Worldcave, and if they do they are often either working somewhere temporarily, or have been banished.

City Dwarves (replacement for Hill Dwarves)
City Dwarves are slightly different from their Mountain brethren, while still hardy and tough, they are also wiser, and prefer a little more refinement. Most of them live in Dwondir, the great Dwarven city, but some also live out in other cities and even towns in the rest of Arcryllia.

‘’by Umavil’s stones!’’ – a Dwarven swear – replace stones with beard or biceps, or such.


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