Dragon Isle

Dragon Isle

Established in 4232, reportedly before the rise of the mythic Markavian Empire.

Capital: Cairinos

Dragon Isle

Official Language: Common Dialect - High Common

Currencies of all types abound on Dragon Isle, and they are all used interchangeably.

Dragon Isle is a land of diversity like no other, with people and creatures from all lands and races coming to call it home. A collection of city states, each of which is a powerful nation unto its own.

Notable Cities:

Notable Towns:

Ancient and Mighty
“Dragons and Magic, Older than Time” – the Dragon Isle motto, unknown origin.

It is known for:
- the Dragons that call this land their home
- the often spoken of enclave of Mageport
- and many legends and tales of magical treasures

Ancient Secrets
The island itself is old, and the claim that the people of Dragon Isle have been there since before the rise of the Markavian Empire is a bold one, however no one can dispute the ancient ruins that cover the surface of the Isle, and tunnel through its depths.

Rumours of Ownership
It is a common belief among the Draconians that Dragon Isle is their ancient lost homeland. However, when they sought to reclaim it from the Mulan (Human) people during the Dragon Wars there were vast losses on their side, and the Draconian nation was broken, and became what is now present day Wakaido.

Cultural Food
Sitting with your chair leaned back at a tavern in Fairport cracking open the claws of a Great Crab and licking the juices of your fingers to the sound of a musician playing the Four Tales of Gylar and a mug of Great Rock Ale in reach… Ahhh, that is the life!

Dragon Isle

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