Also known as the Dragon Born, Draconians hail from Wakaido, the swampy land that is best for their scales.

Their culture is to not say anything unless invited to speak, and to find it incredibly rude if someone from the outside speaks before having been invited to do so. Draconians are also very self-sufficient, going to other Draconian family groups before outsiders when assistance is required. Draconians often value skill and honor those who are skilled, due to the honor and shame system being a large part of their culture.

Have culturally spicy food, curry on rice is a main dish. Draconians also make Sai – many different varieties, (they are all tea) fruit Sai, green Sai, and mud Sai (tastes like chai)

‘’by the wisdom of Celio’s scales!" – a Draconian swear – or try mixing it up and using ancestor’s instead, or anything about doing things out of line, eg. "that man was as rude as a Dracoling shouting during the Ceremony of Blades!’’

Draconians mature quickly, they live to be about 80 years old.


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