Common Legends

These are but a few of the legends that most people have heard while growing up on Arcryllia, whether they were told by a wandering bard, or around a campfire:

The Legendary Hero:
’’It is said that thousands of years ago an ancient warrior took up the Sword of Light and fought off the Darkness, sealing it back far into the void away from our world. When they were done on this mortal plane they replaced the Sword where it belonged and the legendary hero ascended to become a part of The Light, and so many strive to follow in those footsteps and join The Light." (see Followers of the Path)

The Lost City of Catalina:
‘’Some believe that the Lost City of Catalina was a great city of mages and wizards and all kinds of magic users who believed that they could find a way to challenge the gods and live forever, and so the Great Ones decided to smite them, and told Rathor to unleash his fire on them (thus it is a giant, hot, desert, and also why the Dustlands aren’t great either [Rathor could work on his aim!])."

The Legend of Huma
’’Huma the Dragon Knight, known by all, he fought in the Dragon Wars in 4526 when the Draconians from Wakaido wanted to take back Dragon Isle because they believed at the time that it was their homeland. He managed to singlehandedly push back the army that the Draconians had created, including the dragons that they had raised. How he did it no one knows, but some believe that he also had the Sword of Light to aid him."

The Greyshroud Thieves
’’Rumor says that they (the Greyshroud) can disappear into the mists and can fly at night. They are able to dissolve and go through the tiniest cracks to get past locked and barred doors. Trying to stop a Greyshroud thief is like trying to trap the wind in your hands."

Common Legends

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