The Third Imperial Calendar

Created on the 8th of Chilldawn, 5024, by Ferumbras Longfoot, after the rise of the Raven Empire. This new calendar sought to right the past wrongs of the previous calendar, which had an uneven number of days per month, did not line up properly with the actual date, or even year, and was missing many of the essential Arcryllian holidays.

Month Start of Month Mid-Month End of Month
Deepsnow New Light, 1st Wizard’s Coming, 20th Mourning of Celio, 22nd
Chilldawn Dragon’s Eve, 28th
Heartmelt Greentide, 19th Flagday, 24th
Stormcall Rainfall, 3rd Jester’s Day, 27th
Stargleam Blessing of Azena, 2nd Shadar’s Haunt, 13th
Searbreath Karrisday, 12th Merchant’s Festival, 21st Rathor’s Flame, 28th
Highflame Festival of the Moons, 15th
Calmsky Festival of the Lights, 11th Fisherman’s Feast, 26th
Harvestwind Harvest Festival, 10th Ponderance of Umavil, 24th
Magefire Ceremony of the Blades, 4th Empress’ Day, 14th Solemnity of Solestus, 16th
Frostsong Starfall, 8th Wyndar’s Relief, 23rd
Iceforge Light’s Gift, 18th

12 months a year
4 weeks a month
7 days a week
28 days in a month
336 days in a year


New Light – 1st of Deepsnow
- A tradition first started in the southernmost towns in Norgvar on the first day of the year when the Auroras start to rise out of the Sea of Ice.
- It was traditionally celebrated as a good omen that time itself will in fact continue, but is now simply celebrated as a massive party for the coming of the new year.
- Worship often occurs at the various god’s temples also in hope that they will give their blessing for the new year.
- Healing in the temples is also free this day.

Wizard’s Coming – 20th of Deepsnow
- A celebration occurs in main cities where there is a Teleportation Circle
- Up and coming mages and potential magic users gather in hope to go to the Tower to train and become an official Wizard of the Tower.
- A wizard, or multiple arrive using the Teleportation Circle and then accept applications to become a Wizard or go to the Wizard’s Tower.
- The wizards are very particular in whom they choose, and so by the end of the day only a few are chosen and get to return with the wizard to the Tower for training.
- On this day the prices for enchantments and other magical things affiliated with the Wizard’s Tower are 3/4 price.


Dragon’s Eve – 28th of Chilldawn
- Was reportedly the day when people would dress up as all manner of different creatures in order to band together look frightening in order to scare off hungry dragons who have waited all winter for food.
- Current day it is a wild party with costumes and much running about the streets loudly.
- Taverns often offer a free place to stay and free drinks for those with the best costumes.


Greentide – 19th of Heartmelt
- One of the first days that you can see the new seedlings of planted crops start to peek their heads from the soil.
- This day is celebrated with any of the best foods that managed to last all the way through the year, and several new foods to complement them.
- It is known as Greentide for when some sailors from Thal Grik came ashore during a famine in the Sanctuary Archipelago they saw “naught but a green tide flowing over the hills” and celebrated with the locals.
- All kinds of interesting foods are free this day.

Flagday – 24th of Heartmelt
- The origins of this holiday come from the celebration of the victory of the Battle of Tarenfield, a huge amount of the Imperial Army was wiped out that day, but thanks to the devotion of Rorric, a Guardian of The Light, the battle was turned near the end. After the resulting victory several mercenary groups went wild with joy to have survived, and began to wave their banners high. This spread as the celebration made its way to the capital (Azena), and merchants began to get flags made so that they too could advertise their worth.
- In current day, Flagday is celebrated by many towns in the Raven Empire, as well as elsewhere, by businesses and organizations hanging flags outside of their buildings and many people waving flags as they go about their day.
- Many new organizations get flags made on this day as the prices are sometimes down as low as half off!


Rainfall – 3rd of Stormcall
- A day that many see as good fortune if it rains on, and the rest of the year is blessed.
- If it does not rain on this day many believe that the rest of the year will go poorly.
- Many (especially commoners and farmers) will visit a temple of Solestus if one is near, and if one is not near they will pray to her anyway.
- If it does not seem like it is going to rain that day most people will fill up a bucket and dump it off of their roof in front of their door, in hope that they can still get a blessing for the year.
- many priests of Solestus see the practice of “rainfalling” as abominable and attempt to dissuade people from dumping water, as they believe it is a sign of a lack of faith in Solestus.

Jester’s Day – 27th of Stormcall
- Be warned that today is Jester’s Day in Arcryllia and pranks are being set up from one end of town to the other.
- It is as if a spell has been cast over the community, for even the most taciturn and dignified councilman might attempt to play a joke on his relative.
- The various thieves guilds find particular attention as everyone looks for pickpockets in particular and sometimes they offer cheaper prices.


Shadar’s Haunt – 13th of Stargleam
– Rumored to be the day that the Shadar and the Fey can cross over into Arcryllia, many people stay indoors this day and only venture out in the direst of circumstances.
– It is often spent with close family or friends, with as many lights and fires lit as possible to keep away anything outside that may want in.
– Ghost stories are often told this day, as well as tales of heroes and adventurers who met with a Shadar or a Fey and survived to tell the tale…!
– On this day one can get free lodging at almost any inn, for who would turn someone away on a day like this…?


Karrisday – 12th of Searbreath
- The legendary day that the battle of Karri’s Stand took place.
- Celebrating the great victory of the common man.
- Almost entirely a holiday that is celebrated within the Raven Empire.
- One can often buy small metal things for cheaper or get them added in for free (eg. knives, less useful tools, etc.)

Merchant’s Festival – 21st of Searbreath
- The bargain shoppers of the known world are out in force today and it is little wonder, for the 21st of Midyear is a holiday called the Merchants’ Festival.
- Every marketplace and equipment store has dropped their prices to at least half.
- The only shops that are not being patronized today are those that are affiliated with the Wizard’s Tower, where prices are as exorbitant as usual.


Festival of the Moons – 15th of Highflame
- A celebration of the once-a-year full moon spectacle that the gods put on for the people of Arcryllia
- All the full moons, except The Crystal (Icey Blue)
- The party goes late into the night, and the drinks flow half price just as long.
- It is said that travel to other planes is easier during this night.


Festival of the Lights – 11th of Calmsky
- Mid-summer, perfect weather, light breeze, light clouds, no full moons
- Rumored to be one of the last remnants of The Light’s power.
- Thousands of people light sky lanterns and let them fly away in honor of The Light.
- Best place to view is from a boat or the temple district overlooking the Bay.
- One can get torches, lanterns, lantern oil, and other light giving devices for half price this day.

Fisherman’s Feast – 26th of Calmsky
- It is said that this day is the day that Solestus blesses all fishermen on or around Arcryllia, bringing in great catches.
- This is the day that if you want that smoked kalkari with that famous yagric sauce on top you can! (see Yagrus)
- The Feast is the day that people to cook up their most exotic and best tasting fish and share it with others.
- You can get free fish today, lots of it exotic or extra special.


Harvest Festival – 10th of Harvestwind
- A day or two after the harvest has been brought in from the fields (sometimes before, due to weather).
- If you ask in the shadows legend tells that it used to be a worship to Rathor as people would burn their fields, but it is no longer.
- People come to the nearest town from the villages to celebrate and bring their best crops and fresh meals.
- Towns are decorated in orange and red for the occasion.
- Free food, music and dancing.
- Up to 15 free rations.


Ceremony of Blades – 4th of Magefire
- A Draconian ceremony that happens once per year on the driest day of the year (best for the blades)
- A mixture of dance with martial arts with as many spears, daggers, swords and blades as possible
- Often choreographed for weeks beforehand.
- Usually done with a minimum of 4 Draconians.
- Cherry blossoms floating in the air and Draconian flutes playing in the background.
- Starts off slow, then gradually gets faster and more intense until it is impossible to see how no one is getting chopped up.
- If seen in Wakaido it is done by several Cho-Kal, if seen elsewhere it is done by whatever Draconians live there.
- The Draconians can sharpen your blade if you ask politely.

Empress’ Day – 14th of Magefire
- The Raven Empire celebrates Princess Aravae’s birthday as the Empress to be and a traveling carnival can be found outside Azena on this day.
- This day changes every new emperor or empress, and it was not long ago when it was on the 3rd of Sun’s Dawn (Emperor Argetine the Late’s birthday)
- You can win magical items at the traveling carnival.


Starfall – 8th of Frostsong
- For a few days before, during and a few days after Starfall one can see fantastic shooting stars at nighttime.
- The phenomenon is best seen on Starfall itself if it is a clear night.
- Some believe that it is a cursed day and that those are evil fire elementals falling from the sky
- Others believe that it is The Light sending fairies down to guide those who are walking in the Light.
- Some shops may sell you Stardust, a powder that they claim makes you extra lucky.


Light’s Gift – 18th of Iceforge
- Supposedly the day that millennia ago the Sword of Light was created and placed in the Temple of Light as a gift to all beings of Arcryllia
- Today it is celebrated as a day of gift giving where everyone gives a gift to their friends, family and those that they might be thinking of.
- You can find all kinds of interesting things in shops for a week before Light’s Gift.


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