A bustling port city Cairinos is actually entirely built upon an island where the mouth of the Wolf River and the Stormwind Strait meet. It is within the land of Dragon Isle.

You see colorful flags, beige tan buildings and plenty of greenery.
You hear seagulls, tradesmen hawking their wares, and the crashing of the waves.
You see colorful birds flying overhead.
You smell the salt of the sea, but also many unique scents from all kinds of different cooking, and many different fruits.
You feel a light breeze, a little bit of humidity in the air, and maybe a storm coming on.
It is often sunny here, but today it is patchy clouds, with a storm coming at the end of the day.

City Descriptors:
Similar to Azena, very colorful and light, this city is noticeably taller, with almost every building having at least two floors. This is due to the fact that the city has limited space on the island.
The city has a winding main street that slowly twists up the large hill that supports the castle on the southwest side of the isle.
Very beautiful bright blue aquamarine colored water.
Very fairytale styled city

The Laws of Dragon Isle are carefree, when it comes to magic, but rather regular in other terms
Murder is illegal – what you hear of the punishment is that caught murderers are sent to Mageport and they never return…
Stealing is illegal – punishment is imprisonment for seven days, if significant, branding with the Thieves Mark on the hand, if not, a warning.
If found stealing again the thief is used as part of the sewer cleaning crew and noted as a repeat offender, usually branded with the Thieves Mark at this point.
If found stealing again after becoming a repeat offender they are sent off to Mageport, never to return…
Magic is legal, however some types are shunned, and may get you a serious talking to if a city guard catches you.
- charming or controlling magic will often draw the attention of the guards, along with destructive magic and impersonating officials, or royalty.

Further Details:
Cairinos is often the first city that people come to when they want to be trained as a Dragon Knight.

View of Cairinos from the South:


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