Azena is the seat of the Raven Empire and is at war against the goblins and orcs from the Blasted Lands. It is a massive port city where the most rich and powerful people of the Empire choose to call their home. The citizens of the greatest city on Arcryllia like to claim that Azena herself helped create this city beside men, and thus it was named in her honor.

It is often very nice weather here, at times a crisp breeze can be felt.
You feel the air is slightly humid, but always changing due to the tradewinds that blow through the bay.
You hear carts being pulled down streets, nobleman carriages clattering on the cobblestone, and the chatter of thousands of different people in the city all talking at once.
You smell cooking food of all kinds of different varieties, the smell of salt on the wind
- If you are in the Temple District or the Palace District you can smell flowers and gardens.
- If you are in the Bayside District you can smell fish, and the salt of the sea.
- If you are in the Grand Market District you can smell fresh food, and smoke from smithies.

City Descriptors:
- orange-red tile roofing
- white walls, and pastel colors
- Lots of colorful banners, flags and signs.
- easily parkour across rooftops to many different locations, temple district is more lit up a night, and Palace district has plenty of guards.
- Bayside is mostly wood. many guard patrols during the day, less during the night. The northeast side of city. Not as clean, but not really dirty either, more like cluttered.
- Grand Market is very colorful and loud, full but not packed (unless a festival). It is the heart of the city and South West.
- Temple District is beautiful, clean and well lit, south east side of city. Some buildings built out of Whitestone.
- Palace District is the north west side of town. Tall buildings, and quiet, not very busy. A decent number of buildings built out of Whitestone.

Murder is illegal – punishment is Enlistment into the 1st Line – a division of the Imperial Army in Garadan that is often wiped out.
Stealing is illegal – punishment is imprisonment for several days, if significant the Thieves Mark, if not, a warning.
If found stealing again the thief is used as part of the sewer cleaning crew and noted as a repeat offender.
If found stealing again after becoming a repeat offender enlistment into the 1st Line.
Magic is legal, however certain types are illegal within the city, and others are not recommended unless you would like to talk to an officer of the Legion of the Raven.
It is illegal to:
- Use necromancy
- Use charming magic
- Use magic to control others
- Use magic to become invisible
- Use magic to impersonate another
It is highly recommended not to:
- Use destructive magic
- Use magic to create illusions
- Use magic to shapeshift
Unless you are in danger for your life, or are a street performer with a permit from the proper authorities (Entertainer’s Hall, Legion of the Raven, or the Wizard’s Tower)

Further Details:
Temple District
- Temple of Azena
- Temple of The Light
- Residential upper-mid finance level
- Temple parks (with statues)
- Graveyard
- Libraries
- Barracks and training grounds

Bayside District
- Docks
- Port
- Poor/shantytown finance level
- Warehouses
- Thieves guild
- Lighthouse

Grand Market District
- Market stalls
- Shops
- Inns
- Smithies, carpenters, etc.
- Average finance level

Palace District
- The Raven Palace
- Royal park
- Noble houses
- Imperial Guard housing


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