Established in the 1st Era, the Age of Light, reportedly.

Capital: Zarina


Official Language: Elvish

Very little is paid for with coins in Aierith, in fact most payment is through owing favours or with gems and jewels, but when the need arises coins from almost any land are, if begrudgingly, accepted.

Covering the entireity of the Tarathiel Forest is the land of Aierith. The location on Arcryllia that the Elves claim was planted at the dawn of time, and have the Great Trees as proof.

Notable Cities:


Notable Towns:


Silha Alari



Mysterious Beauty
Little is known about the Elven Land of Aierith by those who are not Elves. Aierith gets few visitors and fewer still stay for any length of time. What is known is that the land within the Tarathiel Forest is old and steeped with magic, a beautiful yet dangerous land, almost as different from the rest of Arcryllia as another Realm.

The Boundary
There is a magic enchantment (usually just called the Boundary) just two days travel into the forest that confuses travelers and sends them walking back the way they came – flawlessly. This has been there as far back as the Elves remember, and is to keep them protected as well as their forest protected, but it is also there to keep other races safe, as not every being can survive the dangerous beauty of the Forest of Tarathiel.

Fey Ancestry
If little is known about Tarathiel, there is perhaps reason, since many are superstitious or even fearful of the Great Forest. Many legends and stories tell of Fey creatures coming out at night to play tricks upon passersby, or those who live nearby. People tell of expeditions or treks into the forest to meet with the Elves, but instead find themselves in a strange other world that makes this one pale in comparison…

Cultural Food
The Elves feast upon Sha’kas once a year in their glades at great solid wood tables lit by moonlight. It is said to be one of the most magical experiences that a mortal can enjoy, alighting the senses with new understanding and perception. This mysterious dish apparently is but a catalyst for some strange Fey magic to allow the eater to literally “drink in” their surroundings, tasting colors, sounds and textures.


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