Welcome to Arcryllia

With the spread of a dangerous evil, ancient ruins from empires long forgotten, and political intrigue running rampant the continent of Arcryllia is vast and largely unexplored, hiding a world-shaking secret that is several millennia old…

Visit The Archive on the Eighth Floor of the Wizard’s Tower to learn more about Arcryllia!

If you are coming here as a new player in my D&D game, feel free to browse around the Archive to discover things about the character that you want to create and what he/she knows about the world, or to completely ignore the Archive and simply create a character and his/her backstory and I will work it into the world with you to make both of our ideas come to life!

Also visit the Arcryllia Forum for a place to discuss, come up with cool ideas, and chat about Arcryllia!


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