Deadman's Cough - Plagues and Their Facts

Deadman’s Cough is a plague that was started by the Purifying Flame as a method to kill off non-humans and gain the affection of Rathor

It gives the sick person a nasty cough, and then slowly takes their energy from them, near the end of the sickness the sick person takes on the appearance of one who has died, still feebly trying to cough.

It is spread through water sources, and is non-contagious through any other source. You need to get a fairly high dosage for it to make you sick, which is why it is an easily plantable plague – someone can poison a watersource of their choice and just wait.

It smells and tastes slightly sour.

It is made from concentrated Fade Leaf that grows in the Shadewood.

Deadman's Cough - Plagues and Their Facts

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