Episode 0.1
Deadman's Cough

The story so far…

On the 21st of Highflame of the year 5847, in the city of Torohne, Lord Andreas Stratsen announced in a threatening manner to the Gnome Quarter that they must clear out or be cleared out in a week.
Bindy Smit and Sariel Galanodel (the heroes of our story) hear this and Gilbert Nine-Lives (an old prison friend of Bindy’s) explains that Lord Stratsen is up to something and that his guild the Nightwhiskers would reward them if they stopped Lord Stratsen.
The party hears that there is a Ball at Arlington Manor and decide to go there to see if they can get any clues as to what Lord Stratsen is up to, they manage to overhear that the Gnome Quarter is going to be purified and that the supplies holding the solution to do so have been moved to a warehouse in the Copperport District.
After quite a lot of searching and heroically avoiding dangerous foes the party picks up the trail once more and finds and tricks some Goblins in the water pipes of the city to take the solution (of what they have by now discovered is the liquid that causes the Deadman’s Cough) back to the docks where they got it from on orders of Lord Stratsen.
The party has seemed to uncover evidence that Lord Stratsen is a member of the Purifying Flame, and is being backed by an even more mysterious man with a mustache – what will happen next?!


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